Artistic approach

My work is about emotions and nature. By gestures that quickly became signs of my own langage, I transpose my soul on the painting surface, searching for a passage, a place inhabited by the deep experiences of our emotions. I travel between life’s great elements: Air, water, fire and earth.
My painting evolves in serial: Bottom of the rivers and seas, trees, mountains and wind. Figuration is not my goal. I am mainly trying to get the translation of my emotions through those elements. At times, my work  gets on the brink of abstraction. Other times, it is completely abstract. Every painting is an event. Using gesture, colors, textures, lights and movement, I attempt to translate the unbreakable force of life that inhabits each and everyone of us, humans, and the Earth.

Artistic experience

Solo exhibition
Group exhibition


1977 Exposition Solo Bibliothèque centrale de prêt Alma
1981 Exposition de groupe Évènement Espace-Femme Chicoutimi
1985 Exposition Duo Galerie Langage Plus Alma
1990 Exposition Solo Auberge sous l’Édredon St-Sauveur
1993 Exposition Solo Librairie Flammarion Rue Laurier and
Place Montreal Trust
1997 Exposition Solo Resto-Bar La Cafétéria Montreal
1999 Exposition Solo Centre de Créativité du Gésu, Montréal Exposition solo
“Profondément Bleu”
2000 Exposition Duo Langage Plus Alma
2005 Exposition de groupe Galerie ln Vivo Collectif “Art Propos” Montreal
2009 Exposition Solo Georges Laoun Édifice du Musée des Beaux arts Montreal.“Le chant
des montagnes”
2010 Exposition de groupe Galerie BJ Krepel Klarenbbk,Hollande
2010 Exposition de groupe Casa da Cultura Municipal de Cangas Espagne
2010-11 Exposition de groupe C.S.S.S de L’Hôpital Jean-Talon Montreal
2011 Exposition Solo M Galerie “Les voies intérieures” Montreal
2013 Exposition événementiel Atelier d’artistes Montreal